East Tennessee Hikes - 2014

August 2  The Obed Wild & Scenic River Park consists of four streams that have cut into the sandstone of the Cumberland Plateau creating a rugged landscape of wild land and water. There are spectacular gorges with 400-foot cliffs above the streams, and huge sandstone boulders dotting the streams creating large whitewater rapids in the rushing water. The Obed system is a favorite destination for experienced kayakers and rock climbers. Join us for a fun short hike to Alley Ford and an afternoon of lazy swimming in the Obed. The trail head is located at the Rock Creek Campground adjacent to Nemo. It is approximately 2.5 miles along the Cumberland Trail, rated easy to moderate. Wear swimming shorts and bring your water shoes and a noodle or blow-up tube/raft for floating. Also bring your food and water.  Pre-registration is required. We will leave Knoxville approximately 9 AM eastern. Contact Sherry Barber at sbarber6189@comcast.net or 865-209-6189 for carpooling.